5 Ways to Maximize the Profit When Selling Your Business September 15, 2016, 1:00pm EDT September 15, 2016, 1:00pm EDT
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Whether you want to sell your business soon, or think this payoff is years away, you can take these steps right now to maximize its value and price -- as well as your profit from years of hard work building your business.

Even if you are just starting out, these strategies are advantageous when used to manage the growth of your company, helping you attract potential investors as you seek to expand and create value for a future sale.

Watch this webinar to learn what prospective buyers look for when offering top-dollar for a business.

  • Get tips on what makes your business valuable to a buyer and how to maximize its value in the final 1-5 years before selling or transitioning to new owners.
  • In addition, we'll cover the strategies to limit the tax hit from the sale of your business. Taxes are a business owner’s most substantial selling expense, so effectively mitigating the tax bite is an important part of protecting the profitability of your sale.

About the Presenter(s)

 Clint  Fiore

As the founder and president of Texas Business Buyers, Clint Fiore offers a unique combination of entrepreneurial, executive leadership, and high-tech systems experience. Clint runs the largest Business Buyer network in the state of Texas and averages 98% of asking price received at closing for companies his firm represents.

Founder and CEO, Texas Business Buyers
 Beth  Veloz

Beth works as the Executive Vice President for Telos Capital Fund. In this work, she is focused on strategic planning and maximizing organizational growth and operating performance.

Executive Vice President, Telos Capital
5 Ways to Maximize the Profit When Selling Your Business