MACC Foundation Grant Winner

Khary Dewitt with one of his SCORE mentors, Brenne Shepperson


Khary is an entrepreneur who, following his experience in finance and banking, decided to start his own business.

Based in Townsend, Delaware, Khary started a trucking and transportation business under the Mountaineer Logistics moniker. As a direct offshoot of his company, Khary expanded into the distribution business. This seemed to be a logical transition as the vehicles and associated infrastructure was already in place through the development of his transportation company.

The result was the birth of Happy Foods Delaware. In Khary’s words, his new company is a wholesale distributor of healthy snacks. Khary’s Happy Foods Delaware is a franchise owner of Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. His line started with the distribution of an all-natural frozen fruit bar made with real non-GMO fruit called Fruitful. Khary quickly has expanded his product lines to include nuts, trail mix, dried fruit snacks, and most recently specialty chocolate bars. The distribution business now delivers to twenty-four locations throughout Delaware.

As with so many businesses, the pandemic caused tough challenges. Khary demonstrated his trademark drive and persistence to overcome every challenge that he faced. He brought his experience and his work ethic into play to hold his businesses together. He had the foresight to ask for mentoring support from SCORE. He interacted with one mentor in sales and product development. When the need arose for help with the trucking side of the business, SCORE was able to bring in a co-mentor with more experience with this aspect of his business.

Khary is also very active in his community and throughout the state. He sits on several Boards and holds the distinction of chairing two of the Boards. Khary continues to make an impact in his business as well as in his community.

On his SCORE Delaware Experience…

“ I believe it’s important for businesses to always seek wise counsel. SCORE provides business owners access to invaluable advice from experienced mentors who are concerned about your success at no cost.  My SCORE mentors have held me accountable and truly helped push my business forward. Thank you SCORE!