People with sickle cell disease, a condition that disproportionately affects African Americans, have less access to comprehensive care than those born with other types of genetic disorders, according to the Center for Disease Control. Through her clinic, TOVA Healthcare, and her nonprofit, TOVA Community Health, Dr. Nina Anderson is seeking to change that.

Tova Healthcare provides holistic, quality care and chronic disease management for individuals living with conditions like sickle cell disease. In conjunction with TOVA Community Health, the clinic seeks to increase research, awareness and access to quality care for patients.

My Successes

Anderson now has faculty affiliations with two Delaware universities and has published her research in the American Journal of Hematology. She was also awarded the Delaware 2017 Small Woman-Owned Business Person of the Year.

TOVA has also started providing educational outreach services in addition to treating individuals with sickle cell disease.

How SCORE Helped

Anderson has attended SCORE networking events and taken online trainings. She also meets regularly with her SCORE mentor, Bob Goerlitz. “Having a seasoned and a successful small business mentor was important to navigate me through the journey for the challenges and obstacles a small business owner faces,” says Anderson.

She adds, “We are constantly working towards achieving a specific goal of generating revenue from our clinical service arm and procuring contracts with state and federal agencies, which is part our strategic plan to expand our service capacity.”

TOVA Healthcare